A2 MILK™ – Final Shot Animation


This animation was actually a last minute thought by me and Nick as we thought it would be quite humorous but the actual idea was spawned from a test image I made earlier in development.


Fig 1: Rigging test and A2 Milk carton

The Animation

The actual animation isn’t detailed in its execution as it is just the character rising from behind the table, but there was some props involved which were not in the other animations, one being the carton shown in fig 1.


Fig 2: A2 Milk carton


Fig 3:  Carton wireframe

I was lucky enough to actually find a laid out carton texture online which I could use to texture my model .


Fig 4: Unwrapped carton


Fig 5:  The texture map

Fig 5 show the texture map that I created using unwrapped carton texture I found online but I also modified it to not have the seam lines and just generally cleaned up the material.

In the scene there was also a table cloth, which was actually made by creating a plane, adding lots of edge loops and then using a Maya plugin called Ncloth to simulate a cloth over a table. The plane was covered in a free repeatable texture of a table cloth which I placed over the plane’s UV.


Fig 6: repeatable table cloth

Finally I moved some of the scenery to make a new looking scene for the kid to pop up from and with that and with the very basic added animation done, I added a little smile at the end to finish it up.

Fig 7: Table Animation Test


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Maggie Fox, 2015. Could a2 Milk Solve Lactose Intolerance Symptoms For Some? [online]. Available at: http://www.nbcnews.com/health/diet-fitness/can-new-milk-brand-buoy-dairy-industry-n339586 %5BAccessed 21 March 2016].

Not Noted, [n.d]. Blue/White Table Cloth Texture [online]. Available at: http://www.wildtextures.com/free-textures/bluewhite-table-cloth-texture/   [Accessed 21 March 2016].



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